Somali Government Accuses Kenya Of Violating Somali Sovereignty.
June 14, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Nairobi – (QN24) – The Somali Embassy In Kenya Has Accused The Kenyan Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Violating The Unity And Territorial Integrity Of The Somali State.

The Kenyan Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Has Accused A Meeting Of Diplomats At International Embassies In Kenya Based On Inviting A Somaliland Member To Represent Somaliland In Nairobi.

The Somali Embassy Said The Somaliland Member Had Been Deliberately Invited To The Conference, In Order To Give Priority To A Violation Of Somalia’s Sovereignty, Although The Embassy said the Somali Ambassador Had Left The Conference. Opposing The Presence Of The Somaliland Representative.

The Somali Government Has Demanded Further Clarification From The Kenyan Government On The Violation Of Somalia’s Sovereignty.

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