Somaliland Responds To Somali Ambassador Withdrawal From Nairobi Meeting.
June 14, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Somaliland Government Says It Is Saddened By The Departure Of The Somali Ambassador To Kenya From A Diplomatic Meeting In Nairobi, Due To His Presence In Somaliland.

In A Statement Issued By The Somaliland Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, The Somaliland Government Expressed Regret Over The Departure Of Somali Ambassador To Kenya Mohamed Ahmed Nour (Tarsan) During A Luncheon Hosted By The Kenyan president for foreign diplomats in Nairobi on Tuesday.

“The Somaliland Government Regrets The Action Taken By The Somali Ambassador, Who Immediately Left The Diplomatic Meeting Today. The Meeting Was Hosted By Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta And Is For Diplomats In Nairobi,” The Statement Said.

The Statement Said That Ambassador Tarsan Left The Meeting Due To Somaliland’s Presence At The Conference.

“This Is A Clear Indication Of The Long-Standing Hostility Of The Somali Government To Somaliland And Its People,” The Statement Said.

“The Republic Of Somaliland Is An Independent, Democratic Country That Seeks To Live In Peace And Equality With Its Neighbors, Including Somalia,” The Statement Said”.

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