What Has Been Done About Eng. Yarisow’s $ 7.87 Million Project In Berbera?.
June 19, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Berbera Urban Development Project is funded by the EU and honored by AHUN Eng. Yariisow. The project was launched on 30 January 2020, and is being implemented by UN-Habitat in collaboration with the Berbera District Municipality. the execution period was 3 Years. The total cost was $ 7.87M USD.


What Is The Purpose Of This Project?.

1). Improving the integrated development and planning policies of Berbera and Mogadishu.

2). Investment and Capacity of Local Governments in Berbera and Mogadishu and Their Service Capacity.

3). Creating a business venture with an emphasis on Women and Neglected Communities in the Two Cities.

This project includes the Second BERBERA BEACHFRONT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT jointly implemented by the Berbera Municipality and the same UN-Habitat with a completion period of 7 Months.
What are the two priorities of this project?
1). The same rights as people coming to the beach, such as those with disabilities and those with disabilities.

2). That the basic needs of the coastal area are met by the people coming to the Berbera Coast.

The second project aims to create a complete road linking the sea to the central market of Berbera along with sewage, bus stops, street markings, Street Light, and the project. Family-friendly, Women’s-only, Girls ‘Sports, Boys’ Sports, Supermarket, Recycling, Bicycle, Parking, Green Planting, Retail Space, General Grounds for Rest, Traditional Sports, Exercise and Non-Official Shopping Sellers who sell the Essential Services they need People coming to the sea.

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