Puntland Has Released 14 Men Who Were Believed To Be Members Of Al-Shabaab And Daesh.
July 22, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Bossaso – (QN24) – Puntland’s Military Court Today Released 14 Men Who Were Believed To Be Members Of Al-Shabaab And Daesh, Who Were Imprisoned In Bossaso Prison.

The Attorney General Of The Puntland Armed Forces Court, Major Mohamed Hussein Ahmed, Said That The Men Were Acquitted Of The Crimes They Were Charged With After An Investigation.

The Prosecutor Said That They Were Arrested On Suspicion Of Being Involved In Murders And Explosions In Bossaso Town, While Others Were Believed To Be In Contact With Men The Security Agencies Are Seeking To Arrest.

The Prosecutor Said That They Have Withdrawn The Case Filed Against The Accused, Saying That The Investigation Confirmed That The Men Had Nothing To Do With The Groups They Were Accused Of Belonging To.

Names Of People Released:-

1. Abdullahi Abdirahman Shirwac Lahore.
2. Said Omar Ali (33 Years Old)
3. Issa Ahmed Issa (60 Years Old)
4. Jama Hussein Yusuf (40 Years Old)
5. Mohamed Said Ubayd (30 Years Old)
6. Hussein Mohamed Osman (40 Years Old)
7. Nour Abdi Adan (25 Years Old)
8. Farhman Ismail Dahir
9. Abdullahi Ibrahim Adan
10. Adan Teacher Ibrahim
11. Abdi Hussein Yusuf
12. Yusuf Sanweyne Ali
13. Mohamed Teacher Abdullahi

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