Habar-Jeclo Community Saved This Country From Civil War Today”Politician Ali Gurey”.
July 28, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Politician Ali Guray, Who Is The Chairman Of The Political Organization HALGAN, Said That This Year The Habar-Jeclo Community Saved The Somaliland Country From Civil War, After They Showed Support For The National Party Today.

Politician Ali Has Written A Brief Statement About The Support Shown By The Habar-Jelo Community To The National Party. Ali Gurey’s Text On This Issue Reads As Follows:-


I Congratulate The Cultural Leaders, The Intellectuals And The Scholars Of East Burao Community, It’s Not A Joke, Today They Saved Somaliland From A Civil War That Was Feared That Muse Bihi Would Be Kicked Out Of The Country, So That He Could Remain In Power. He Believed That He Could Rule The Country With Five Fingers And A Palm, And The Election Would Not Happen In The Country During His Lifetime.

Now Consciousness Will Bring It And The Choice Will Not Be Begged. There Is No Person Or Group That Can Hijack The Struggle That This Nation Has Been For The Last 41 Years”.

Written By. Politician Ali Gurey.

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