Somaliland Police Have Seized 150 Pieces Of Shield-Tailed Agama That Were Being Traded Illegally.
July 28, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Somaliland Police Force Arrested An Egyptian Man Who Was Illegally Exporting Around 150 Pieces Of Shield-Tailed-Agama From Hargeisa Airport.

Somaliland Police Spokesman Faysal Hiis Said That The Egyptian Man Has Made A Habit Of Exporting Animals To Somaliland, And The Law Will Be Enforced.

“The Accused Who Has Been Arrested Is An Egyptian Man. He Made It A Habit To Take Animals From Our Country Out Of The Country, And He Will Be Punished For The Crime He Committed,” Said Hiis.

The Commander Added That Somaliland’s Wildlife Is Being Hunted, And The Police Are At War With Foreigners Who Are Involved In The Trade Of Various Types Of Wildlife.

“Recently, It Has Come Back To Us That We Are Trying To Harvest The Resources Of Our Country, Which Are Being Harvested By Foreigners. Fortunately, The Police Force Is Preventing the Issue, And Among Them, The Tortoises, The Wildlifes, The Birds, The Worms And The Cheetah And This Is The Third Time He Has Been Caught,” Said Hiis.

In this way, on March 10, 2020, an Egyptian man was caught at Hargeisa airport, while exporting 300 Pieces Of Shield-Tailed Agama, and on September 13, 2021, An Egyptian Man Was Caught Exporting 200 Pieces Of Shield-Tailed-Agama at the same Hargeisa Airport.

It Is Not Clear Whether The Arrested Man And The Previous Man are the same Men Or Not, Although the Spokesperson Said that The Accused Who Was Arrested Tried Several Times To Illegally Export Wildlife From Somaliland.

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