Somaliland’s Waddani Party Accuses Ministry Of Health And Hargeisa Group Hospital Administration Over Corruption.
July 30, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Somaliland Opposition Party Of Waddani Has Revealed Some Individuals From The Ministry Of Health of Somaliland And The General Hospital Of Hargeisa, Who Have Made A Lot Of Money And Profited From The Disaster Of The Covid-19 Pandemic, Which Has Caused The World To Suffer.

The Most Of The People Who Have Suffered The Greatest Burden From This Issue Are Somaliland Diaspora, Who Are Charged Different Fees, Including $60 Dollars At The Airport Of Hargeisa And $45 Dollars At The General Hospital In Hargeisa.

Mohamed Saddiq Dhamme, the social affairs secretary of Waddani party raising the accusation on Saturday noted that the ministry collected a lot of money from the Covid19 tests but it is unclear where and how they spent the money.

Dhamme said it is unfortunate that the Somaliland government can not offer even the cheapest medicines to the citizens for free after 30 years of self-governing. He urged the auditor general and the house of representatives to take their responsibility and investigate the case.

The official has made similar accusations against the ministry several times, however the authorities have not yet responded to this allegation.

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