Somaliland Opposition Parties Have Sent Threats To The Government.
August 4, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Somaliland’s Opposition Parties, Waddani And UCID, Have Threatened To Resist The Government, Accusing The President Of Rejecting Every Delegate.

UCID Party Chairman Faysal Ali Warabe and Wadani Party Presidential Candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro, who spoke at a wedding ceremony, said that we will not allow anything that President Bihi would not allow.

“We will not allow each other. There is no Kulmiye, there is a son of Bihi, and we are rejecting the son of Bihi, the country said,” Governor Faisal said.

Irro said on his part that President Bihi rejected all the delegates, but as Opposition, they made many Concessions, so there is no reason to ask them to excuse them.
“People of Somaliland – now you are pushing us away and you have something to say, tell Us”.

Somaliland’s Opposition is planning a protest against the Postponement of the Presidential Election, While The Government has said that they will not allow the protest to take place.

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