The Somaliland Government Has Spoken About The Opposition’s Planned Demonstration.
August 4, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Government Of Somaliland Has Warned The Opposition Parties To Hold A Demonstration Without Permission.

In a meeting held by Somaliland’s Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed with the leaders of the military, the regional administration of Marodijeh and the administration of the capital Hargeisa, the minister instructed them to maintain general peace, warning against the planned opposition protests.

“Anyone who tries to harm the security by hiding in an illegal protest will be taken legal action, and whoever organized it will be held responsible,” a press release from the meeting said.

Minister Kahin instructed the security agency to take action against anyone who tries to harm or disturb the stability and security of Somaliland, it was said again in the press release.

The public has been called on to cooperate with the security forces that are keeping the peace, and to stay away from anyone who engages in insecurity.

“The people are called to work with the security forces, and stay away from anyone who is harming the security and nationalism of the Republic of Somaliland,” it said in its press release.

Somaliland’s opposition parties have announced that they will hold protests after talks with the government broke down.
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