The Somali Government Has Strongly Condemned About The Attack That Killed Many People And Burnt The Vehicles They Were Traveling In Hiran Region.
September 3, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – The Federal Government Of Somalia Issued An Urgent Press Release On The Al-Shabab Attack That Killed Around 20 People Who Were Travelling, And Burned The Vehicles They Were Traveling With, Which Were About 8 Cars From Beledweyne To Mahaas.

The attack which took place Last Night in the Area Of ​​Afar-Irdood Between The Cities of Baledweyne and Mahaas In Hiran Region.
“The Federal Government of Somalia Is Deeply Saddened By The Barbaric Attack by the Al-Shabab Group That Killed Civilians And Burned Their Property In Areas under Mahaas District In Hiran Region.

This Attack Also Indicates That The Ruthless Militias Have Become Weaker And Weaker And They Are Not Able To Face The National Army” was said in the press release from the government of Somalia.

The news from the Somali government also said that the actions of Al-Shabaab show that they are weak and cannot face the Somali government forces and instead they are Harassing the Civilians, and it said that it will continue operations against Al-Shabaab Carried Out by the Somali Military, which is intended to rid the Country of Shabab.

“We are determined to eradicate Al-Shabaab from the entire Country. The Brutal attacks they are carrying out against the people are a testimony to the ideology and goals of this Group, and it will be a strength and Cooperation for the people and their government that stands to This Militia will be freed from the Country” was said in the statement issued by the Federal Government of Somalia

This news from the federal government comes at a time when Al-Shabaab attacked in the area of ​​Afar-Irdood and killed about 20 people and burned about 8 trucks that were carrying food to Mahaas district in Hiran region and the surrounding Areas.

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