The Government Of Somaliland Executed 4 People Who Committed Murders.
September 6, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa- (QN24) – The Government Of Somaliland Executed 4 People Who Were Previously Found To Have Committed Murders.

In The Incident That Took Place In The Mandhera Prison In The North/West Region, One Of The People Killed Was Lieutenant Colonel Saleh Bullale Jama, Who Killed A Young Woman Named Najma Abdillahi Michael In Hargeisa On May 3.

So, the plot was Initially planned to execute 5 People, but the 5th Person Was Executed after the Agreement of the Parties involved in the Problem.

So, This Is The Second Execution carried out by the Somaliland Government within this Year, As 4 Soldiers who committed Murders Were Executed On February 16, 2022.

Western Countries Complain Whenever The Somaliland Government Executes some of the Prisoners sentenced To Death, Suggesting That Somaliland Should Stop Executions.
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