Somaliland Suspends CBA From Operating It’s Territory.
September 7, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin


Hargeisa – (QN) – The government Of Somaliland Has Suspended The Hargeisa-Based Broadcaster, Voice Of East Africa (CBA), For Allegedly Broadcasting Anti-Security Issues.

In A Letter Issued By The Ministry Of Information Of Somaliland, Which Was Sent Specifically To The the Director General Of CBA, Hussein Jama , They Were Told To Stop Their Media Activities, And Their Work Permits Were Revoked.

The Letter Of Order Did Not Prove Any specific Crime, Or Any Specific Programs That These Broadcasters Were Involved In, And It Was Only Mentioned That They Broadcast programs Or News That Are Against The Security Of Somaliland.

So, Somaliland’s Minister Of Public Works And Housing Abdillahi Abokor Osman, Who Was Speaking In A Public Forum On May 28, Accused Some Of The Media Of Spreading The Ideas Of Al-Ittihad Organization, While Later A Reaction From CBA Clarified That Abokor Aimed at This Apparition.

Abokor Then Suggested That The Media Indicated That Action Should Be Taken, Saying That The Media Should Rank The Leaders Of This Radical Organization And Conduct Interviews With Them.

So, The President Of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, Who Attended The Graduation Ceremony Of The 19th Batch Of Hargeisa University On August 31, Has Accused Some Media Of Working In A Way That Violates The Law.

The Government Of Somaliland Has Closed The Doors Of Various Media Outlets Over The Years, Some Of Which Were Later Resolved And Allowed To Reopen, And One Of The Media Outlets Still Under Ban Is The BBC, Which Was Suspended From Its Work In Somaliland On July 19.

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