Gebiley And Somaliland!!!.
September 10, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin
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Burao – (QN24) – We Have Seen Pictures Of The Building Of The Somaliland Presidency In Gebiley. It Is A Big Puzzle; Why Are The Projects Being Implemented In Gebiley Region Hidden From The Start To The Completion?, What Is Going On In Somaliland Is Amazing! Now, If One Room Or One Toilet Is Being Built In The Eastern Regions, Different Media Are Being Called Together, And A Lot Of Ministers And Different Leaders Are Participating In The Laying Of The Stone!.
It Is Correct That Gebiley Has The Right To Build A Beautiful Presidency But Without The Second Capital Of Somaliland Which Is The Capital City Of Togdheer Region In Burao’, A Modern Presidential Center Or Equivalent To That Of Gebiley Has Not Been Implemented; Why Was Gebiley Preferred And Given Great Importance And Why Was It Hidden And Put On The Big Screen? It Is A question For The People Of Somaliland.
“Oh my God, I’m Not Biased, Don’t Punish Me” Gariye AHUN.
Gebiley is going to be made into a city similar to or similar to the famous City of the United States of America in California,  And this is where he thinks that Ina Adara is now recognized by his Name; Musa Hussein Abdikarim, who is a Djibouti Citizen and plays the actions of his Great Teacher who reached the Colonelship Is Siad Barre’e and also wants to raise Ismail from Djibouti to settle down when it is possible For The Kingdom he intends to Bring Somaliland To Make the Election Transferred To A Minority. Provided They Are Allowed.
“If Not , Let’s Settle Together In The Region That Is Said To Be Stubborn In The City Of CaliforniaSo That We Can Serve The Kingdom Together With Integrity.”
The People Of Somaliland Have A Choice Between A Kingdom Governed By Gebiley And A Somaliland That Is Jointly Owned And Where Elections And A Healthy Democracy Are Agreed Upon And Followed By The Laws, Rules, Culture, Consensus, Compromise And Positive Dialogue And The Capital of Hargeisa is Governed. If the Actions of the Soldiers Are Not Prevented Now And There Is No Strong Resistance Against The Greed And Will Of The Authoritarian Actors, which has not yet reached Maturity.
People Of Somaliland, Know That If The Soldiers Reach You, You Will Not Find A Place You Will Receive The Freedom, Honor And Dignity That God Has Given You And You Will Be The Ones Who Are Humbled And Covered With Snow, Ice And Winter.
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“Advice Is When You Don’t Know, And When You Don’t Reach”.
It Was Written  By Mukhtar Mohamed

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