The Somali Government Has Been Busy For The Last Three Months To Prevent Cooperation Between Somaliland And The United States.
September 20, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

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Washington – (QN24) – The Government Of Somalia Has Been Working For The Last Three Months To Oppose The Cooperation Agreement Between Somaliland And The United States, Which Was Proposed By Members Of The American Parliament.

The Government Of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud Has Given A Lot Of Money To Lawyers And Famous People In The United States Who Are Involved In The Politics Of The United States To Thwart The Cooperation Between Somaliland And The United States.

These Lawyers And Lobbyists, Who Are Supported By The Somali Communities In The United States, Are Putting Pressure On The United States Government To Stop Dealing With Somaliland, And Implement Its Single Somalia Policy.

This Political War In Somalia on the initiative of the Members of both houses of the United States Legislature, has caused a decrease in the Momentum of this plan, although it cannot be attributed to the effort to implement this cooperation in the war in Somalia alone, but There Are Challenges. Some Of Which Are From Somaliland And The United States.

Those Who Come From Somaliland Are Among The Politics In Somaliland At The Moment Related To The Lack Of Security In The Elections And The Measures That Were Taken Against The Protestors. MPs Who Campaigned For Cooperation With Somaliland Strongly Condemned The Government Of Somaliland which did not The Implementation And Working Of This Plan Does Not Give Much Power, But It Is Busy With Internal Issues.

On The Part of the United States, there are challenges, one of which is that the Executive Department, Especially the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, are reluctant To Implement this Cooperation, according to the former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Tibor Nagy.

However, The War in Somalia is expected to be directly related to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, who is currently on a trip to the United States. Somaliland and the United States.
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