Compare The 5-Year Period Of Silanyo And Bihi Era.
December 3, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Today marks five years since President Muses was elected to lead the country. So, what happened during that five-year period? In order to understand what has happened to its volume, we will make a comparison with the President before him, Ahmed Silanyo.

Every new president is expected to accelerate economic growth, reduce the unemployment rate, increase the income of people/families, investment, improve basic social services such as health, education, water, security, etc.
During the five years that President Moses led the country, he was faced with natural disasters such as the Sagar storm, the burning of the Waaheen market and the disease of COVID19. The disease of COVID19 has had a wide negative impact on the economy of the whole world, especially the country. There was also a negative impact on the country’s economy due to the political conflict that arose during the president’s tenure.
Here is a summary of what the two presidents have done in their five-year tenure:
President Ahmed Silanyo:
Although many expectations of President Ahmed Silanyo have been disappointed, the government he built has been praised for its quality, which has led to great achievements in the first 100 days. The president, who was an economist, immediately took measures to boost the economy, both internal and External Investment.

Here Is A Summary Of The Major And Agreed Upon Activities:-

1. The exchange of Somali shillings left by the former government of Somalia was used in the eastern regions.
2. Disbursement of the ranks of the various forces of the JSL.
3. Investing in Berbera Port and oil exploration
4. Salary increase for workers, teachers and soldiers, increased by 300%.
5. Undergraduate education is completely free
6. Lowering the unemployment rate, although I don’t have a Number, but the Country’s Economy and Investment have grown significantly, which has led to large-scale job creation.
7. Construction of Eerigabo road
8. Construction Of Airports Of Hargeisa And Berbera
9. Construction Of Different Somaliland Ministries Buildings
10. Construction Of Hargeisa Main Bridge
11. Investing Of Berbera Corridor
12. Investing Kuwait Technical School Complex Institute
President Muse Bihi:
The expectations of President Muse were not as high as those of Ahmed Silanyo, but there was a lot of talk that the ruling would be concentrated on the President, while Ahmed Silanyo was rumored to have lost the power of the president. So, what did President Moses do at the end of his term? Or are you ready for it? It is a question that is open to everyone to express their opinion. But I could not overcome these points:
1. Returning the company to private individuals. A positive step towards good governance and accountability.
2. Extension of authority to Boocame.
3. The largest JSL dam in Gabiley.
What do you think, readers?
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