Eritrean Troops Left The Cities Of Adwa And Aksum In Tigray Region.
January 21, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Time For Eritrean Troops To Leave Ethiopia | The Reporter | Latest  Ethiopian News Today

Mekele – (QN24) – Reports From Ethiopia State That The Eritrean Troops Have Left Their Positions In Adwa And Aksum In The Tigray Region Of Northern Ethiopia.

Eyewitnesses In The Cities Of Adwa And Aksum In The Tigray Region, Told The Media That They saw Eritrean Troops With Their Various War Vehicles Going Out Of The Tigray Region, Shouting Slogans Such As “Eritrea Has Won”.

On Several Occasions in the past, it has been reported that the Eritrean forces have left Tigray, but this time it is said that They are the Majority of the Eritrean Forces that have left Tigray, while it is also said that the areas have been vacated by the Eritrean Forces, Came The Ethiopian Military.

The Eritrean Forces Have Been Fighting for Two Years Alongside The Ethiopians Who Have Been In A Fierce Fighting With The TPLF, As Eritrea Has Been Accused Of Committing Various Acts Of Violence In The Tigray Region During the War.

Eritrea Has Dismissed the Accusations As Baseless, and Has Never Mentioned Their Role In the War between the TPLF And The Ethiopian Government That Ended Recently.

The Government Of Ethiopia, Eritrea And TPLF Have Not Yet Spoken About The Recent Withdrawal Of Eritrean Troops From The Towns Of Adwa And Aksum In Tigray Region.
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