President Mustafa Cagjar Spoke About Sensitive Issues In The Cities Of Tulli-Guleed, Jigjiga And Diridhabe.
January 23, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

JigJiga – (QN24) – The President Of The Somali Regional Government, Mustafe Cagjar, posted on his Facebook page, he talked about several issues about Tulli-Guuleed, Jigjiga and Diridhabe that have been buzzing in his mind for the last few days. the people of The Somali Regional Government.

The President first spoke about the situation in the town of Tulli-Guleed in the Faafan region of the Somali region, which is located on the border with Oromia, where unconfirmed reports say that the Somali people have been harmed by the Oromo, and the Oromo want to take land in Tulli-Guleed, the President while denying this issue said “There is no land in Tulli-Guleed that Oromo took, there is no conflict unless there is a massacre”.

On the other hand, President Mustafa Cagjar spoke about another issue regarding the fact that the city of Diridhabe, which is now inhabited by Somalis, Oromos and Amharas, wants to hold a Referendum. None”, stressing the Idea That Diridhabe will remain as it is now as a Separate Self-Governing Region.

President Mustafa Cagjar, on the other hand, spoke about the Capital of the Somali Regional Government In Jigjiga, where some people believe that other Ethnic Groups Will Take Over. Noting that Jigjiga will not be taken by anyone else but it will be a City where Everyone can Live, this is how President Mustafe Cagjar said.

President Mustafa Cagjar also spoke on his Facebook page or said that a regime that has fallen and is in power will not return, noting that the systems that have fallen will take a lot of time, up to 10 Years, to understand that the World they know is He left and he is not coming back, this is how the President of the Somali Regional Government Mustafe Cagjar Said.

The Summary Of The President’s speech comes at a time when the people of the Somali region have been in the dark about several Issues, most of which the President has discussed in his Facebook Post.

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