Suicide Bomber Attack On The Banadir Regional Government Center, (Ex-Ufficio Governo).
January 23, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadiscio – (QN24) – More Details Are Emerging From An Attack By Al-Shabab Earlier On The Administration Center Of Banadir Region (Ex-Ufficio Governo), In Hamarweyne District Of Banadir Region.

Reports Say that five Al-Shabab Fighters have launched an attack on the administrative center of Banadir region, and there is now a war between the Al-Shabaab fighters and the government forces.Very Strong Suicide Bombings Were Recently Heard In Most Of The Districts of Banadir Region.

These explosions, which amount to three Explosions, indicate that the first explosion occurred at the back of the headquarters of Banadir region, while the other two explosions occurred between the Local Government Headquarters and the Mogadishu Mall.

According to reports, after the explosions, armed groups entered The Regional Administration Headquarters, where heavy gunfire is heard, and it is reported that there are officials of the regional administration, military officers and civilians inside the headquarters.

Until now, the damage caused by the explosions in the Center of Banadir Region and the ongoing shootings are not known, and the Emergency Vehicles are currently flowing there.

The Al-Shabab group quickly claimed responsibility for the attack in the Administrative Center of Banadir Region, which began with explosions.

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