The Current Uprising In Las Anod Is A Direct Result Of Poor Leadership And An Inability To Govern Effectively.
January 23, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

By Hamse -January 23, 2023.

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Erosion Of Democracy And Peace In Somaliland Under President Bixi’s Administration. The President Of Somaliland, Muse Bixi, Came To power In 2017. Prior To His Tenure, The Country Was Known For Its Democracy And Peace.

However, Under His Administration, These Attributes Have Come Into Question. The Failure To Hold Presidential Elections, Which Were Due In November 2022, Has Resulted In A Lack Of Legitimacy For The Current Government. This is Further Compounded By The Lack Of Political Agreement With The Opposition Coalition Parties, Waddani And Ucid. There Is Currently No Agreement On When The Election Will Be held, Further Undermining The Democratic Process In The Country.

In Addition To The Erosion Of Democracy, Peace Has Also Been Lacking Since Bihi’s Administration Took Power. The Tragic Killing of Peaceful Protesters In The Cities Of Hargeisa And Burao On August 11th, 2022, Resulted In Several Deaths And Dozens Of Injuries. These Events Were Triggered By Police Opening Fire On Peaceful Demonstrators, Which Is A Clear Violation Of Human Rights.

The Current Administration has also been Criticized for its Treatment of Journalists and restriction of Freedom of Speech. Reports of Journalists being arrested, Citizens being arrested for writing on Facebook, and Monitoring of Social Media have been widely reported. These actions are a clear Violation of Freedom of Speech and Expression, which is a fundamental right in any Democratic Society.

The government’s lack of respect for the rule of law has also been noted, including the arrest of an elected member of parliament who holds legislative immunity. These actions are a clear indication that the current administration is not committed to the principles of democracy and peace, which were the hallmarks of Somaliland’s reputation prior to Bixi’s tenure.

The Current Uprising In Las Anod Is A Direct Result Of Poor Leadership And An Inability To Govern Effectively.

The Use Of Force And Repression To Maintain Control Is Unacceptable And Unsustainable. It Is Imperative That The Leader Steps Down Or Is Impeached By Parliament. The Unrest And Demonstrations Have Raised Concerns About The Potential For Division And The Potential Loss Of Control Over A Key Region.

[19:37, 23/01/2023] Said Adu Ugaadh: Whistle-Blower Reveals Plot To Poison Presidential Candidate In Upcoming Somaliland Election.


The Upcoming Presidential Election In Somaliland Is Marred By Reports Of Alarming Developments.


A Well-Placed And Reliable Source, A Secret Services Whistle-Blower, Has Come Forward With Information That The Current President, Muse Bihi Abdi, Is Resorting To Desperate Measures To Remain In Power.

The source Claims that President Bihi Abdi Has Orchestrated A Plan To Poison His Opponent, Abdirahman Abdullahi Cirro Of The Waddani Party, During Upcoming Election Rallies. The Poison Is Reportedly To Be Administered By Waiting Staff At Hotels And The Person Tasked With Executing This Operation Is None Other Than The President’s Own Son, Ahmed Muse Bihi.

The Officer’s Reason for speaking out was to warn the Opposition of this plot and that he came Across Secret documents detailing the plan. This alleged use of poison as a means of political intimidation is a serious and disturbing development. It poses a direct threat to the physical well-being of the opposition candidate and undermines the integrity of the election process. If true, it would call into Question the Legitimacy of the election results and the ability of citizens to freely and fairly exercise their right to vote.

Additionally, the source claims that President Bihi Abdi is scared to participate in the election due to his plummeting approval rating. This suggests that the president may not have faith in his own ability to win the election through fair means and may be resorting to underhanded tactics to maintain his grip on power. Furthermore, the source states that Ahmed Muse Bihi is the head of a clandestine group, known for its brutality, kidnapping, and torture with impunity in Somaliland, which is part of the secret police and has black site facilities across the country.

These reports are deeply concerning and call into question the fairness and integrity of the upcoming presidential election in Somaliland. It is imperative that an independent investigation be conducted to verify the accuracy of these claims and to take action to ensure a free and fair election process. The use of poison as a means of political intimidation is illegal and those responsible, including Ahmed Muse Bihi, should be held accountable for their actions.

This article was written by Mustafe Kheyreeye, a member of Somaliland’s House of Representatives. “Either we will be a nation that respects the law or we will be a group of men who deviate from it.

Somaliland is not a playground for the government led by Muuse Biixi.The actions they are taking are not justifiable and are nothing more than theft, corruption and disrespect.

A saying goes, “When your brother dies, you shouldn’t praise his wife, and when she does something wrong, you shouldn’t excuse it.” President Muuse Biixi and his government are doing things that cannot be accepted or Tolerated.

Since taking office, President Muuse Biixi has launched a war and ongoing attack against the people of Eastern Burco, more commonly known as the Habar Jeclo clan. From the start, he targeted politicians, businessmen, officers and employees of the clan. Up until now, he has not relented.

It is not possible to summarize in writing the hardship and suffering that President Muuse Biixi and his government have inflicted on the Eastern Burco clan. It is not a matter of fairness, but rather a specific targeting of the Eastern Burco clan.

The Silence and Passiveness of the Clan’s Elders, Politicians and other Members of society have allowed President Muse Bihi to continue His Targeting of the Eastern Burao Clan.

I would like to quote a poem by Ibrahim Gadhle, “I used to say ‘Waraaba’ as my name, but I later Changed it to ‘Amiin’ (Trustworthy), but later on, I was accused of being a Thief and someone who had Betrayed the Trust of others.” Similarly, President Muse Biixi will also be known for who he truly is, and his actions will not be Forgotten.

If My Home Region has become a place of constant Fighting and Disruption of Peace, Security, and Unity Of The Nation, where we have Lost Our Dignity and Respect, and where Muse has Continued to Oppress Us at will.

I Swear, this cannot be accepted, and we are not the ones who should be held accountable. I still have my voice. As the saying goes, “What happened to the dead and who is responsible?”
I am deeply saddened by what can be Accepted.

By Hamse.

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