Turkey Took Strict Action Against The Brutal Act Of Burning The Holy Qoran.
January 25, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

“No One Has The Right To Desecrate The Sanctity,” Said Mr. Erdogan.

Ankara – (QN24) – “Sweden Should Not Expect Turkey To Support Its Membership In NATO“, Turkish President Erdogan Said Yesterday, Just A Few Days After The Qoran Was Burned In Demonstrations In Stockholm, Sweden.

Sweden Applied To Join NATO After Russia Attacked Ukraine – But Turkey, Which Is An Important Member Of NATO, Put Conditions On The Inclusion Of Sweden And Finland In NATO.

Kurds Living In Sweden Protested By Hanging What They Described ASs Erdogan, Followed By The Burning Of The Qoran In Front Of The Turkish Embassy In Sweden On Saturday.

In Response To President Erdogan, He Said, “Sweden Should Not Expect Turkey’s Support for Joining NATO.”

“It is clear that those who have disgraced the embassy in front of Our Country Cannot Expect Anything Good From Us Regarding Their Request.”

Saturday’s book Burning Protest Was Given A Permission By The Swedish Government Before It Started, But The Burning Of The Qoran Was Not Included In The Permission.

Erdogan has Condemned The Recent Demonstration In Which The Koran Was Burned, Which Was Carried Out By A Right-Wing Politician from The Far-Right Party In Denmark.

The Sweden Government Has For Its Part Criticized The Protests.

“Sweden has very deep freedom of speech, but it does not mean that the Swedish Government Or Myself Support The Ideas Presented,” Said Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom on Saturday.

Responding to Erdogan’s comments on Monday, Mr Billstrom said he wanted to Understand exactly what the Turkish Leader said before Commenting.

“Sweden will respect the Agreement between Sweden, Finland and Turkey regarding Nato Membership,” he added.

Sweden along with Finland Applied to join Nato after Russia entered Ukraine, but the recent Protests have exacerbated the already Existing Tension.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that freedom of speech is a precious asset in NATO countries, and he said that these actions are inappropriate, but not directly illegal.

Turkey, A Muslim Country, Condemned The Swedish Government’s Decision To Allow The Protest and described It As Completely Unacceptable.

“No One Has The right To Desecrate The Sacred,” Mr Erdogan Said In A Televised Speech On Monday.

“When We Say Something, We Mean It. When Someone Respects Us, We Put Them In Their Place.”

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that Turkey has canceled the visit of his Swedish counterpart Pal Jonson to Turkey after “seeing that no action has been taken against … the Disgusting Protests”.
A series of visits by Sweden’s Top Ministers To The Turkish capital, Ankara, has given hope that this trip will ease Sweden’s refusal to join.
Since Turkey is already a member of NATO, it can prevent another country from joining, and has already made several offers to Sweden. Which includes handing over some of the Kurds living in Sweden whom Turkey says are terrorists.
Earlier this month, Sweden’s prime minister said Kurdish protesters in Stockholm who hanged a portrait of the Turkish president were trying to disrupt Sweden’s bid for NATO.
A Swedish minister described this act as deplorable, but Turkey said that the Condemnation Was Not Enough.


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