Demonstrations In El-Afweyn District After The Killing Of Civilians By The Security Forces..
February 5, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – This Morning, Angry People Gathered In The Streets Of Eel-Afweyn District In Sanaag Region Of Somaliland, After The Killing Of A Civilian By The Security Forces.

The Specially Trained RRU Forces Killed A Citizen Called Abokor Omar Ali Near The City, So The Police Did Not Give Any Details About The Cause Of The Death Of This Citizen.

The Crowd Burned Tires On The Main Roads And Some Of Them Were Carrying The Blue Flag Of Somalia, After Which The Police Opened Fire On The Protesters.

Members Of The Somaliland House Of Representatives From This Area Have Called On The Government To Do Something About The Killings By The Army Which Have Been Repeated Several Times.

“We Are Tired Of Them Saying That We Are Doing An Investigation, But Nothing Has Come Out Of It. We Are Standing Up This Morning And We Are Waiting For Justice From The Government,” MP Iid Hidig Said.

Somaliland Lawmakers Elected From Sanaag Region Have Condemned The Security Agencies For The “Increasing” Civilian Killings In El-Afweyn District Who Said The Police Forces Shot Dead At Least 10 Civilians In Recent Months, An Accusation The Security Agencies Have Yet To Respond To.

The Lawmakers Claimed They Have Lost Tolerance And Would No Longer Accept The Continuation Of Civilian Killings In The District, Giving The Government 48 Hours To Apprehend All The Police Officers Who Allegedly Shot Dead The Civilians.

The Lawmakers’ Statement Coincides At A Time Protests Were Reported Today In El-Afweyn After Locals Gathered On The Streets To Protest Against The Frequent Civilian Killings in El-Afweyn That Resulted In Clashes Between Protestors And The Police.

They Recommended To The Government To Take Lessons From Las Anod’s Status Quo Over The Frequent Assassinations And Asked To React To The Matter Immediately And Find A Lasting Solution.

Protesters And MPs Have Said That 4 People Have Been Killed In This Area In Recent Times. The People Specifically Blamed The Governor Of Sanaag Province For The Killings.

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