Nuh Tani: We Have The Power To Enter LasAnod.
March 9, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

LasAnod- (QN24) – The Commander-In-Chief Of The Somaliland Military, Major General Nuh Ismail Tani, Said That The Somaliland Army Is Able To Capture LasAnod, but will Maintain The Ceasefire.

The Gommander who spoke to the Government Spokesperson, said that the Army is Working In The Somaliland Government’s Policy and is Protecting The Government’s Decision To Cease Fire.

“The National Army always implements the government’s Policy. The government has announced a ceasefire. We are implementing the Ceasefire here. We have the power to enter the City and remove those who have gathered from Puntland,” said Tani. .

The leader also called on the people of LasAnod to Accept Somaliland and return, saying that they were lied to in his statement.

“To the People of LasAnod, I say the lie that was being told to you and the prosperity that was being told to you is not there now, and We know the hunger in the City, your country and Your People Should come Back,” said Tani.

The situation in the town of LasAnod has been Calm these days after the ceasefire that the Ethiopian government has agreed to, and there are no talks between the Government and the Intellectuals in LasAnod.

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