Pakistani Police Failed To Arrest Imran Khan.
March 16, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Karachi – (QN24) – The Pakistani Police Appeared Today To Give Up Their Attempt To Arrest Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, After They Were Confronted By His Supporters.

Police Ended Their Siege Of Khan’s Home After Hundreds Of His Supporters Clashed With Them.

An AFP reporter and witnesses near Khan’s Home in the Zaman Park Neighborhood on the Outskirts of Lahore said Police and military-Trained Troops had withdrawn from the Area, setting up several Roadblocks and Checkpoints.

“The police and the army that were sent to harm Khan were pushed back by the people,” Khan’s PTI party wrote on Twitter, which also showed videos showing people celebrating outside the house.

“Progressive people are coming to Zaman Park, and they will never allow the evil goals of this foreign government to succeed, Insha’Allah.”

The police and supporters of Khan were fighting all night, firing tear gas, while the people were throwing stones.

A police team was seen fleeing from the area of ​​Khan’s house this afternoon.

Khan was removed from power in a vote of confidence in parliament last Year, and has been charged with dozens of corruption cases, while campaigning for early elections to return to power.

PTI’s official social media pages showed Khan greeting people in the garden inside his house, while happy supporters celebrated outside.

Police insisted they have a warrant for Khan’s arrest due to his failure to appear in court in Islamabad to face corruption charges.

However, the former prime minister and his lawyers said they were granted bail.

“The PTI leader does not have a warrant to protect him in this case,” Islamabad police spokesman Muhammad Taqi Jawad told AFP.

He said that the arrest warrant is still in place and denied that the police retreated to his house.

The police spokesman added, “Our actions will be in accordance with the law, and we are committed to fulfilling our duties.

Earlier, Imran Khan broadcasted a video in which he said, “People are using tear gas and other things, but you know, they don’t have a reason.”

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