Commander Faisal Abdi Botan Reported On The Prisoners Captured Today In The Battle, That Took Place In Las’Anod District.
March 19, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Las’Anod – (QN24) – Brigadier General Faisal Abdi Botan Said, Eerlier This Morning The Somaliland Army Was Attacked By Puntland Forces, Tribal Militias And Terrorists.
However, The Somaliland Army Successfully Fought Back And Defeated The Attackers, Capturing A Significant Amount Of Their Weapons, Prisoners And Even Their Base.

I Would Like To Extend My Congratulations To The Somaliland Army And To Encourage Them To Treat The Prisoners Of War With Dignity.

Additionally, I Argue The Citizens Of Somaliland To Support Their Military, As The Sovereignty Of Somaliland Being Threatened By Multiple Attacks, Including This Third One.

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