The US Government Is Using The Airports Of Somaliland And Djibouti To Evacuate Its Citizens Trapped In The War In Sudan.
May 5, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Djibouti – (The Corner) – American Media Has Separated The Maps Of Somaliland And Somalia.

ABC And CB News Televisions Officially Report On The Countries Of The Horn of Africa Using A Map That Clearly Shows The Differences Between Somaliland And Somalia, Which Shows The Foreign Policy Of The United States.

These Televisions And Other Media In The United States, Which Reported On The Mission Of The United States To Evacuate Its Citizens From Sudan, Reported The Video Of Helicopters Taking Off From The Airports Of Djibouti And Landing At The Same Time Outside The American Embassy In Khartoum, Where They Are Taking Away The American Citizens Who Were Trapped In The War-Torn Sudan.

The War In Sudan Is Getting Worse Day By Day, And In The Last Three Weeks, All The Peace Efforts Of The United States And The Rest Of The World Have Failed To Establish A Peace Agreement Between The Two Generals Who Are Leading The Two Armies In The Conflict.

Each One Of Them Is Saying That He Won The War, Although It Is Clear That No One Won, But The War Caused The Death Of More Than 1000 People, Injured Around 500, While Thousands Of Others Were Displaced.

This war, Which Has No Sign Of Stopping Soon, Has Caused The United States’ Africom Command To Be Put On Full Alert, Especially The Troops At Their Base In Djibouti, Who Are Currently Busy Evacuating American Citizens In Sudan.

As The War Worsens, They Are Preparing To Use The Berbera Airport To Help Evacuate The Citizens Of Western Countries That Are Blocked In Sudan, As There Are No Troops In The Horn Of Africa.

Other Reports From Arab News Reaching The Sahel Region Say That The Movement Of American Planes Is Felt At The Berbera Airport.

The Governments Of The United States And Somaliland Have Cooperation In The Field Of Security And Military, After The Two Houses Of the American Parliament Approved The Cooperation Act Between The United States And Somaliland.

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