Heavy Fighting Between The Somaliland Forces And The Puntland Militia Is Currently Taking Place In Eastern LasAnod.
May 18, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

BURAO – (QN24) – Heavy Fighting Is Going On In The East Of The Town Of LasAnod, Between Somaliland And Puntland Militia.

This Battle Is Currently Going On In The Area Known As Maraga, Which Is In The Eastern Direction Of The City Of LasAnod.

It Is The Second Day Of Continuous Fighting In That Area, Although Today’s Fighting Is Described As The Heaviest Fighting In Maraga.

Maraga is A Strategic Place Where The Somaliland Army Has A Strong Defense To Protect Their Main Base In Goja-Adde.

The Hospitals in Garowe And LasAnod, Which Are The Places Where Most Of The Injured Were Brought, Are Very Busy, Where A Large Number Of Wounded Who Were Injured In Yesterday’s Fighting Have Been Taken.

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