Somaliland Celebrates Its 32nd Anniversary.
May 20, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Nairobi – (QN24) -Somaliland Celebrates Its 32nd Anniversary Today. This Anniversary Dates Back To The 18th May 1991 When Somaliland Regained Its Independence. Somaliland First Secured Independence On 26th June 1960 From Britain, But Unfortunately Made The Historic Error Of Relinquishing That Independence Five Days Later When It Went Into A Merger With Somalia On 1st July 1960 To Form The Somali Republic. 18th May Has Rectified That Error.

18th May is a day for the people of Somaliland to remember the hard struggle they went through which finally led to the re-birth of the Somaliland nation and the establishment of State institutions. It is a day to remember all the people who lost their lives so that the next generations can live in dignity and freedom. The freedom and the security we enjoy today came at a high price and the sacrifice offered by Somaliland heroes. This day, its purpose is not only a day to remember the heroes, but we are also to Pray for them. It is also a day for the People of Somaliland To Reflect On The Challenges And Opportunities They Face.

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