Berbera Port Ahead Of Mombasa Port In Kenya In An Assessment By The World Bank.
May 23, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

DP World expands offering at Berbera Port with new edible oil terminal

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Port Of Berbera In Somaliland Is Ahead Of The Main Port Of Mombasa In Kenya According To An Assessment By The World Bank.

The World Bank’s Evaluation Based On The Selection Of The Most Efficient And Well-Managed Ports In Africa Was Won By The Ports Of Djibouti, Berbera And Dara Salam, Which Took The First Place, While The Port Of Mombasa Won The Competition.

“We Deserved The Work We Did For The Ships And The Service We Do, Such As Unloading, Loading, The Work We Did, We Reached That Position,” Berbera Port Manager Saeed Hassan Abdillahi Said According To BBC Somali.

In A Report Written By The BBC, It Is Said That The Port Of Djibouti Is Ahead Of The Port Of Berbera And The Ports Of Port Elizabeth, Durban And Cape Town Are Next.

“Improving Port Efficiency Is Essential To Unlocking Growth And Development In Africa,” Martin Humphreys, The World Bank’s Transport Economist, Told The East African Newspaper.

The Port Of Berbera Has Been Extensively Developed As The Port Company DP World Has Spent Millions Of Dollars On The Development Of This Important Port.

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