Somaliland’s Waddani Party Criticizes Detained Independent Female Journalist In Hargeisa.
May 24, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Somaliland’s Opposition Party, Waddani, Has Expressed Its Concern Over The Recent Detention Of An Independent Female Journalist By The Somaliland Security Forces In Hargeisa. The Journalist, Busharo Banday, Has Been Held In Hargeisa Prison For The Past Few Days.

Waddani Has Called On The Government To Release Her Immediately And Without Any Preconditions. Yonis Ahmed Yonis, The Secretary General Of Justice For The Party, Has Revealed That Busharo Banday Sustained Injuries During Her Arrest. The Injuries Reportedly Affected Her Leg And Jaw, As Confirmed By Her lawyers And Family. According To Yonis. The Severity Of These Injuries Has Not Been Disclosed By The Official.

Referring To The Arrest As An Abduction, Yonis Ahmed Yonis Criticized The Lack Of Adherence To Legal Procedures During Busharo’s Apprehension. The Party Believes That Her Arrest May Have Been Motivated By Her Critical Writings And Programs Concerning The Current Administration.

Busharo Banday Was Apprehended On May 15th In The Border City Of Wajaale. However, Somaliland Authorities Have Not Provided Further Details Regarding The Circumstances Of Her Arrest. The Police Have Denied Reports Suggesting That The Journalist Sustained Any Injuries During Her Detention.

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