The Government Of Somalia Has Announced That Many Officers Have Been Arrested For The Attack On The Jalle Siyad Camp.
July 29, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – The Minister Of Defense Of The Somali Government, Abdiqadir Mohamed Noor, Confirmed That The Suicide Attack That Took Place Near The Jalle Siad Camp, The Government Arrested Many Officials.

The Minister of Defense, Who Confronted The Parliament, Said That Investigations Are Underway On Many Officers Who Were Arrested For The Attack, And Others Who He Said Are Being Questioned.

The Minister said that he is determined to bring those involved in the attack to the hands of the government, saying that the attack was a painful incident for the Somali Government.

The Minister denied that the Government Refuses to know the information about the attack, promising that when the investigation is over, the government will officially disclose the information and who was involved.

It Was Last Week When A Suicide Attack Took Place At Jalle Siyad’s Camp, Targeting The 14 October Brigade.

In The Attack That Killed More Than 30 Soldiers, Questions Are Being Asked As To Why It Was Possible For A Suicide Bomber To Enter And Blow Up The Army.

Security And Military Officials Have Been Arrested For Involvement In The Attack.

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