Sir Gavin Williamson “We Will Continue The Fight Until Somaliland Is Recognized”.
August 3, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – MP Gavin Willianson, A Member Of The British Parliament, Said That Somaliland Is An Undeniable Fact, And He Is Pushing For The Recognition Of Somaliland Until The World Accepts It.

Williamson, Who Is Campaigning For The Recognition Of Somaliland, Told The CBA Broadcaster That He And Other MPs Are Continuing Their Efforts To Recognize Somaliland.

“We Will Drive The Proposal, We Will Push, We Will Advocate Until We Achieve Success. This Is A Decision, Will And Belief That Burns Within Us, And We Can Believe,” Said Williamson.

He Said That When He Came To Somaliland, He Noticed The Public’s Desire For International Recognition, And He Will Work To Get Somaliland Recognition.

“When You Come To Somaliland, You Will Meet The Welcome, The Will And The Determination Of The People Of Somaliland, And You Will Realize That This Is An Issue That Needs To Be Worked On. We Are Fighting, And One Day We Believe,” Said Williamson.

He Described Somaliland As A Reality, Not A Fiction, And That The World Needs To Realize That “Somaliland Today Is Not A Fantasy Or A Dream, It Is A Reality. It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The World Has A Relationship With This Reality”.

Williamson And A Delegation From The British Parliament Are On A Trip To Somaliland.

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