The Government Of Somalia Has Announced That It Has Captured Members Of The Security Agencies, Who Were Spies For Al-Shabab
August 5, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – The Minister Of Information Of The Somali Government, Da’oud Aweys, Said That The Security Agencies Have Captured 10 Members Who Were Spies For The Al-Shabab Group.
The Minister Of Information Made This Statement At A Press Conference Held This Afternoon In Mogadishu, And Said That There Are Also Other Spies among The Forces, Who Escaped.

The Minister Said That The Security Agency Has Been Investigating For A While To Identify Anyone Who Has Close Ties To Al-Shabab, And Provide Security Information To Al-Shabab.

The People Who Escaped Were Spies For Al-Shabab, The Minister Said, Included Abdisatar Abdulqadir Isse And Ayanle Mohamed Ali, Who Are Members Of The Security Agencies Of The Government.

The Minister Of Information Said That This Action Is Part Of The Government’s War Against Anyone Who Gives Information To The Al-Shabab.

The Individuals Who Were Said To Be Spies, The Minister Did Not Confirm That They Are Involved In The Recent Suicide Attack That Killed A Large Number Of Government Forces In The Brigade On October 14.

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