Russia Expells Two American Diplomats For Links To ‘Spy’.
September 18, 2023 - Written by qoriadmin

Moscow – (QN24) – Diplomats From The US Embassy In Russia, Named Jeffrey Sillin And David Bernstein, Were Ordered To Leave Russia.

A News Release By The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Russia Said That These Diplomats Will Leave Russia Within 7 Days.

According To The Statement Of The Russian Foreign Ministry, Sillin And Bernstein “Conducted Illegal Activities” And Contacted A Former Employee Of The US Embassy In Vladivostok, Robert Shonov, Whom Russian Intelligence Has Accused Of Gathering Information About Russian Military Operations In Ukraine.

Robert Shonov Worked At The US Embassy In Vladivostok For More Than 25 Years Until Russia Ordered Him To Be Fired In 2021.

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